Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch up

OK, so it's hot and sticky round here, innit. And I have some personal shit going down which is limiting my time a little and taking away a bit of the focus that I thought I'd have. News to come on all that, but until I get the nod from the guys in black suits, I can't let you know. Could be good news, could be bad, it's kind of all in the balance as we speak.

Had one of the hardest days of my life a couple of weeks ago when juniorette had to go in for a biopsy and they knocked her out for a few minutes. Ain't ashamed to say I had a tear in my eye when I left her on the hospital bed with her eyes rolling back as the anaesthesia took hold. Feckin' hard, I can tell you. A big respect goes out to all those parents who have really sick kids. My little princess looks like she has Celiac, which basically means a gluton-free diet for the rest of her life. Final confirmation on that next week. But Celiac is definitely a lot easier than some ailments out there, so we're not too upset, it's more of a learning mission on what foods she can and can't eat. We'll get there.

I have a fair amount of free time, which I'm devoting to the Internet and some freelancing here and there. And I can't wait to have the kids finish kindergarden this summer. The beach and my kids are so going to love each other this August!

That free time involves trying desperately to keep to a daily routine on the site and blog, which is almost holding up amid ever-growing numbers. Much higher numbers than I ever got here on anglosaxy by the way...and I'm also dreaming of launching a footie site all about English footie and footballing wives, but it's a question of time. If anyone fancies joining forces with me on it, I'd be willing to strike up some kind of partnership to get it kicked off. Let me know if you're interested.

And no, not even looking for a "proper" job. After being humiliated by geeks anonymous at an interview at one of the big boys, I don't want to force myself into that shit again. Only if I really really have to...a long way down the road...

Yalla, off to write Part 6 of my adventures...will post a link here when I'm done.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Part 5 of my tale of how I ended up in Israel. Time for the Scuds!

Time for a return to the days of Saddam Hussein and Scuds and gas masks. And plenty of beer and feeding calves on moshavs. Here's Part 5 of my story of how I got to Israel, and stayed.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

There's more! Part 4 of my story of how I ended up in Israel

Time for yet another episode of love and, er, travelling on boats. Here's Part 4 of my story of how I got to Israel, and stayed. Offers invited for screenplays, as long as Bar Refaeli is cast as my first Israeli girlfriend.