Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh to be a corporate whore

After a Company Day of witnessing people get actually excited, even animated about their job in hi-tech, I have to say that I could have picked a better profession, those many moons ago...maybe it's the independent spirit in me, but listening to the big cheese saying he demands things from us made me cringe, a cringe beyond normal cringes...coupled with some of the cringe-worthy comments from my team in a closed session with our department boss, I have to say: some people really, really need to get a life.

So, I bolted before the final session of marketing-speak speeches. There's only so much a man (with a soul) can take. And spoke on the phone with two of my freelance gigs that are pulling in some cash, without any of the built-in corporate politics and bollox. One of these gigs even pays me to write about football, believe it or not...

Anyway, thought I'd pop in to say hello. How are you me little darlings?