Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the verge of an empire

I almost did it this week. I sat there with my boss and was just going to tell him when he had to rush off. Bastard. And after he told me that he was impressed with my work (what couldn't be impressive about cutting a bloated 46 page piece of crap down to 16 pages!?), it's just got a little harder to toss this job to the dogs.

But toss it. It has to go. I just picked up another small freelance gig which will bring in another few shekels every month, so I have enough small gigs to help pay the bills without the main earner. The car will be the big loss when I do go, but fuck it, we have another fairly decent car, so shouldn't have too many probs. Just paying those gas bills will be a pain in the arse, but fuck it.

And the web empire I'm building is slowly taking off. Apart from the site (which will have some real big updates soon) I've found some niches which I'm working on which should also bring in some shekels. Small, steady and slow, the idea is to rinse and repeat to bring in the bigger bucks.

And in the meantime I'm down the pool on the moshav, brushing up on my tan and watching my 5 year old junior anglosaxy learn to swim like a fish. Very impressive the lad is. Very impressive!