Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That time again. Are you sitting comfortably?

Time once more for another episode of my tale of how I ended up in the Holy Land, episode 8! Bleedin' 'eck, is it ever going to end?? Read it and weep baby!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School is out. For good.

Well, that's it for the old English school in smallsville. I packed up this last week and finally lugged the yellow sofa out with a friend's MPV. I peeled off the branded window posters lovingly created by the missus, even swept the floor. But...there's nobody moving in to take over.

I couldn't find somebody to take it on even with the potential that is there in smallsville. Should have taken that big cash offer I had a few months ago, but you live and learn. I thought the business was worth more than the offer, so didn't snap it up.

And there's nobody taking over the lease of the shop, so the landlord is left footing the bill for the foreseeable future. The Recession has kicked in at smallsville, although the numbers of people wanting to learn English has not dropped. It really is a recession proof business, especially the kiddies market.

But for me, right now, it's not the right business. Maybe in the future, who knows. I've probably got all the tools to start it up again, much faster and much better. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I've saved all the best students for one afternoon a week, either sat in coffee shops or at their homes. Might just have to drink a beer and teach English at the same time...damn shame.