Sunday, June 20, 2004

Down time

I've been doing some 'cold turkey' the last couple of days as my computer screen at home has decided to retire from the game...a short, glittering career with anglosaxy united has come to a sad and bitter end. Meanwhile, life goes on and a replacement is warming up on the touchline.

Not sure I'd have had much time on the computer anyway this last 3 days or so. Mrs. anglosaxy has gone down with a serious lung infection, apparently very contagious, so if you're reading this, back off...poor kid can hardly eat and is constantly burning up (that'll be the fever, not her anger at me watching too much football). I've been doing my knight in shining armour act though, including a 4 hour stint at the emergency department yesterday, where she was prodded and poked and x-rayed and even walked in upon in half undress by a rude, bastard patient who couldn't even knock when barging in. He got a few 'choice' words from me...I'm still trying to work out why they charged us 87 shekels (approximately ten quid) for coming in. I thought we paid for all this through our monthly health organization deductions? Mmmm. I smell a kippaer.