Monday, February 28, 2005

Worthy cause

This is worth breaking my vow of silence...
She's back! Go read, your prayers are needed.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Taking a breather

First off, a big, fat, sloppy, Valentines kiss to all 3 of my readers.

However, it ain't all kisses, because, as Oates said to Scott: "I am just going outside and may be some time".

Just too busy right now to blog.

I've loaded a few of my favourite pics in the flickr box, just below the poll on the right of this page...take a look, but only if you start missing me.

In the meantime, thanks to Steven for this, it put a smile on my face. Kind of sums up the management round my neck of the woods:

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Having a ball

Holy crap.


This song was last night voted the best British song of the last 25 years. And there I was, seriously contemplating a return to the land of sheep in fields, fish'n'chips and chavness...

At least us East Sussexians are smiling, eh little sis?

Monday, February 07, 2005

30 years old, about bloody time!

Saturday saw mrs. anglosaxy celebrate her 30th birthday and finally join the rest of us mature, wise 30-somethings. As she had been whining about turning 30 for some weeks, I decided to wind her up a little bit and surprise her with a few friends at a fancy restaurant. Trying to keep this secret was the hardest part, as she kept on at me for days, trying to find out if we were doing anything special.

Anyway, I settled on Space. A nice place, great service and great food, but probably a teeny bit too fancy for our crowd. And one of those places that takes a while to warm up, atmosphere-wise. But all-in-all, a great night.

OK, time for some pictures:

This first shot is me training Israelis how to use a knife and fork...

This shot is of L and E, trying to flirt with the cameraman...or the barman...or whoever was wearing trousers...

This next shot demonstrates 4 different trains of thought in one picture:
From L to R -
1. Mmmm, but don't you think Condoleezza's visit will spark a new rush of optimism?
2. He, he, he, you're so funny...
3. Hi cameraman, take my picture, I'm cute...
4. This is interesting, but where did that handsome barman go?

This last pic is of the legendary Kinky. Please note that the picture has NOT been digitally altered. Ha ha.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


There's a new girl in town. Yep, the corridor has been designated a 'cram-em-all-in' zone, and our numbers have gone up 50%. All respect for 'personal space' will completely go out of the window (the one that doesn't open...) when O gets back (start of next week). And not that I've got anything against people that are challenged in the physical features department, but the need for eye candy in this corridor has reached new levels...

Anyway, the new girl seems very professional if a little weird. Might be me getting paranoid, but I have this feeling she thinks I'm taking the piss out of work, what with my denim jacket look this morning...or could she be a plant sent in by management to bring down anglosaxy? Over the weekend I was checking who's linking to anglosaxy and was surprised to see a couple of references to work blogs and my inclusion in a 'bad boy' list. Some might say it's time to boot my picture from the blog but fuck it, life is short.

Last night's 30th birthday celebration for mrs. anglosaxy will be reported on later...with pictures, because I know you want to see pictures of sexy girls chatting up barmen and anglosaxy stuffing his face...don't you? I might have to do some photoshopping to protect the innocent...

Friday, February 04, 2005

three zero

mrs. anglosaxy reaches the big 'three zero' tomorrow. I've bought her this (the lower right picture - or the upper right picture in the grid of 9 pics on the right of the page), and arranged a surprise do with 10 of our friends. She doesn't have a clue. In the meantime, I don't have a clue where this 'do' is going to take place, but I'll guess I'll work on that tomorrow.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Went to see Meet the Fockers tonight at the very impressive Cinema City. It was a little light relief after a long afternoon fixing a leaking sewer pipe, which involved first smashing through a plaster wall to get to the actual pipe. You don't want me to describe the smell that was wafting through the anglosaxy castle today...Anyway, back to the movie: not bad, though a little disappointing, especially after being such big fans of the first movie. Sure, there are some great moments, but the crowd's spontaneous burst of applause at the end of the movie surprised me. I guess the numerous Yiddish and Hebrew/Israeli references won the locals over...

As a side point, I'm always wondering whether a complex with 21 screens can actually make any money, considering the obvious investment they originally made. I guess they must be doing OK, the place always seems to be packed.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Company day

Today was company day. A celebration for all those who got big pay rises (management), and for all those who got exactly 0% rises (the serfs). The location: Latrun (well, the tanks were impressive). The talk was all "power-positioning", but the only power position I could relate to was sitting on the lav and exorcising all my stomach's contents after last night's football fest (the less said about that the better...). The worker of the year: O! I like to think I played a part in her success. Ha ha.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Signs of winter in Israel, part IV

Mrs. anglosaxy is modelling this year's winter look. A sumptuous fur-lined jacket, complete with hood. Dog optional. 25 degree heat mandatory (this picture was taken on Saturday, believe it or not, when Tel Aviv was cooking).

Anyone else notice that ugly brown line on the horizon?