Saturday, November 18, 2006

Because you're gorgeous...

Oh Gawd, I'm so mushy at the moment...

Ella, 1 day old

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hello darlin'!

After a long couple of days, I can finally say "It's a girl!"
Mrs. anglosaxy, you truly are a special lady! Now, where's my dinner?
Pic to come...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dry run

Contraction spotting hit a peak last night, every 5 minutes and getting more and more painful. So we legged it over to Tel HaShomer hospital. After taking note of the receptionist's "You're going to need a lot of patience tonight, we're completely chocka...", and after chatting with a 10 month pregnant woman who had been waiting 2 hours for a bed, we promptly legged it over to Beilenson Hospital in my favourite town. After a quick check up, we were sent home. But I guess Wee Lassie is on her way...and I feel like this dry run has got me ready psychologically because up until last night it hadn't yet hit me...

Monday, November 13, 2006

15 things in Israel you won't see elsewhere...

  • Bank managers wearing t-shirts, jeans and sandals.
  • Schools breaking out to the sound of "Eye of the Tiger", rather than the ol' school bell.
  • Motorcyclists wearing bicycle helmets.
  • Shouts of "AltiZaken" from Arabs in VW Camper vans.
  • 13 year old kids smoking nargilas in the neighbourhood park.
  • Lone scantily-clad women walking the city streets late at night.
  • Old men with open trays of pollution-infested delicacies at busy junctions/markets.
  • An alarming plethora of very hairy backs and shoulders at the beach.
  • Tottering pensioners working as security guards.
  • Market stall vendors shouting at their customers not to buy all the best produce.
  • Motorcyclists waiting to cross pedestrain crossings.
  • No dolphins at the local Dolphinarium (Tel Aviv).
  • Policewomen filing their nails and talking to Ma on the phone while on duty.
  • Tiny 18 year old army girls walking down the street with M16s slung over their shoulder.
  • Thousands of Israelis, everywhere (OK, I forgot about Khao San Road...).

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hunting high and low

Looking for an apartment in Tel Aviv and its suburbs ain't easy. And what with Wee Lassie about to join the anglosaxy ranks (contractions have been spotted this weekend...) and our contract coming to an end at the end of this year, it's starting to get a little tight.

I think we've settled on the area we want, it's just finding the right place. Preferably before the hordes of homeless / yad2 readers get wind of it. It kind of goes against my religion, but [ spit, spit ] we're even thinking of paying a [ spit, spit ] real estate agent to find us a place. When I say "find us a place", I mean, of course, to sit on his or her arse and do absolutely fuck all, but still charge us a month's rent for his/her services.

I know, I know. But I'm a busy little bee these days, and mrs anglosaxy isn't running about too speedily, so we've got a little desperate. By the time we spot something on homeless / yad2, it's long gone. So, yes, we may become friars, or suckers. What's an anglosaxy to do...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Remember remember the 9th of November!

Oh, Happy Birthday to me!
Day off work, some beers, some sushi...
Gotta love the ancestors, they sent over a big box of these little beauties...
[ chomp, chomp ]

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Threeway with a celeb

Did I ever tell you about the time mrs. anglosaxy and myself shared a lift with a superstar footballer? Yes, here in Tel Aviv, in one of the city's premier hotels, a few years back. Let's just say that he now plays regularly for England, though was possibly just outside the England ranks when we rode him. I mean rode the lift with him. It was just the three of us but I didn't realise who it was until he got out in front of us. I should have stamped on his foot when I had the chance...
Name that man.

Monday, November 06, 2006


I've just got back from Jerusalem, after a quick trip sponsored by Corridor Land. 'Tis a bit nippy up there in them hills. Almost had me shivering in my T-shirt.

I have to say, I always liked the look of Jerusalem, I just never know where to go (and always end up getting lost trying to find the exit to Tel Aviv...). Anybody want to recommend a good spot for a day trip, easily accessible and easily managed by junior and a large whale-like mrs anglosaxy?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Take a look at this picture and tell me you don't want to puke...

I'm sorry, I know I don't go political, but this is making my teeth grind...

This is the wife of Yigal Amir (the guy who assassinated Yitzhak Rabin), who has just come out of prison after some conjugals. OK, human rights are human rights, but surely when you murder someone in cold blood you kiss most of those rights goodbye? She just seems so happy and fluffy, as if nothing ever happened...though I guess she got a good seeing to as Yigal hasn't seen much action in the last 11 years or so. Fucker.

The Beach

As the rains start to fall (yep, it's a Guy Fawkes kind of day, a freezing, blustery 24 degrees outside), it's time to pull up your deckchair and remember a sunnier day...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Face off

* I think he spotted me snapping...