Monday, November 13, 2006

15 things in Israel you won't see elsewhere...

  • Bank managers wearing t-shirts, jeans and sandals.
  • Schools breaking out to the sound of "Eye of the Tiger", rather than the ol' school bell.
  • Motorcyclists wearing bicycle helmets.
  • Shouts of "AltiZaken" from Arabs in VW Camper vans.
  • 13 year old kids smoking nargilas in the neighbourhood park.
  • Lone scantily-clad women walking the city streets late at night.
  • Old men with open trays of pollution-infested delicacies at busy junctions/markets.
  • An alarming plethora of very hairy backs and shoulders at the beach.
  • Tottering pensioners working as security guards.
  • Market stall vendors shouting at their customers not to buy all the best produce.
  • Motorcyclists waiting to cross pedestrain crossings.
  • No dolphins at the local Dolphinarium (Tel Aviv).
  • Policewomen filing their nails and talking to Ma on the phone while on duty.
  • Tiny 18 year old army girls walking down the street with M16s slung over their shoulder.
  • Thousands of Israelis, everywhere (OK, I forgot about Khao San Road...).