Friday, June 11, 2004

Phallic or Challenger?

A few days ago I had some free time, and, with my camera in hand, found myself alongside one of the more noticeable buildings in Tel Aviv (the building is actually physically in Ramat Gan, but you'd never have known...). This building has always caught my eye, undoubtedly due its distinct shape and location: it is the last sizeable building you'll pass on your way out of Tel Aviv (heading northwards), or the first as you drive in to Tel Aviv (from the north). I'm always wondering what shape the designers had in mind when it was on the drawing board..."mmm, shall we go with the rocket ship, or a whopping great phallus?". And how do its residents refer to it when directing friends, deliveries etc? "Er, it's the building shaped like an old style rocket ship/enormous penis?" I'm sticking with my nickname - the Guy Penis building (he's a local 'celeb' with a dodgy name - yep, that's his real name).

It even has its own advertising hoarding, as you can see from the wine ad above. In the picture below you can just about make out the building on the skyline, it's on the far left, standing out like a sore phallus thumb.