Thursday, July 15, 2004

Driving in Israel #3


There I was driving along HaYarkon street in Tel Aviv this morning, heading north. I then came up against that notorious flashpoint, which is the junction with Arlozorov. If you are familiar with this junction, you'll know that recently they changed the flow of HaYarkon, so that those driving north have to make a little dent to the right, though with no need to change lanes. Not the most intuitive of flows, but this is Tel Aviv.

Anyway, this guy obviously wasn't aware of the change and he must have very nearly ran into me, while cursing me rotten (all in his best Arabic, of course - Hebrew curses aren't nearly as effective). As I pulled up at the next traffic light, he pulled alongside and as cool as can be, suggested I wind down (wind down?) my window. Then he very calmly said "Do you know your indicator isn't working?", while glaring...insinuating that I'd forgotten to indicate. Me? Forget to indicate? I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry - and that was my line he was using, the bastard! So I just glared back, my steely Clint poker face in full effect.