Sunday, July 25, 2004

Rise and shine!

Blimey mate, up at 6.45 this morning. Z was so surprised to see me at this early hour I had to take him round the block to ease the shock. Thought I'd get to the office early and surprise everybody, but O beat me by a mile.

Anyway, short week for me as I'm headed down to Sinai on Thursday for a long weekend. Mrs. anglosaxy's brother is getting married, and despite the pre-wedding nerves (according to rumour, "right, the wedding's off!" and "who'd want to marry you anyway?" have been heard in their proximity) all seems to be going to plan. The only major worry is the alcohol. Mrs. anglosaxy's father seems to think he can smuggle a major teasure chest of whisky, vodka and wine through the border. Nothing Israeli about that then...let's just remind ourselves that this is a Muslim country we are entering, not Tel Aviv. Should be quite a joyous occasion at the border, my camera is charged and ready for action!