Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Time for the beast

As promised, some pictures of my neighbourhood. If you are of a sensitive disposition, I suggest you close your eyes and move on...

First up, it's the site that greets me every morning as I step out to the car. A nice little patch that has slowly accumulated its riches over the last year or so. The hunk of metal in the foreground is actually a washing machine. It's been hacked to pieces on numerous occasions by various Arab 'al te zacken' guys, but nobody has had the heart to actually take it away with them. Including the local council. In its pre-hacked state, when it actually resembled a washing machine, mrs. anglosaxy did call them, but, surprise surprise, they have still yet to turn up. There is actually a whole load of other things in this little patch, just hard to make them out in the picture.

Next up, it's the rapidly expanding land empire of my delightful neighbours. Plenty of room for his musical talents (bongo drums with very witty verses that consist entirely of Arab curses), while his collection of junk is ever encroaching. Steptoe and son have nothing on this bloke - he is the rag and bone world champ. I particularly love his fence - anything solid and it's in there. And now he has a fence, why bother taking his rubbish to the bins? That's right, just chuck it over the fence when nobody's looking. Bastard. 

Anyway, more pics to come, I just have a load of stuff to get done before we set off for Sinai tomorrow. Update later.