Monday, August 09, 2004

Driving in Israel #3,218

Love those fuckers who block junctions. Love 'em to bits. Especially when they can quite clearly see that they have absolutely no chance in hell of making it 'cleanly' through - you know what I mean, those bus/lorry drivers who can see that the junction is gridlocked, but hey, they're no 'friar' (translates to 'suckers' in English), there's no chance they're gonna wait a whole 2 minutes for the next green light, no chance...and then the oncoming lane has absolutely no chance of passing the junction thanks to this considerate soul.

So, 10 drivers start leaning on their horns, everyone gets pissed and it's still only 9am. I personally give a very visible, and very sarcastic, round of applause, but hardly ever will the driver blink my way. Are they embarrassed at their actions or just immune to the anger and frustration directed their way? With the average Israeli adamant that they will never be a 'friar', I have to lean towards the immune factor...