Sunday, August 15, 2004

Fun, fun, fun

Tomorrow it's the annual office 'Fun Day'. So much fun that mrs. anglosaxy has begged me not to take we trek to a kibbutz swimming pool for a jolly old time. I think the only person who is enthralled by this trip is the HR girl who organized it (well, what else has she had to do in the last 12 months?). This time I can't even get too pissed as I'll have to drive back to Tel Aviv on my own (mmm, maybe I can catch a ride with someone...). The alcohol has always managed to drown any bad thoughts I might have had, just don't know how I'll survive this time, what with all the company bonding talk that will be banded about like nobody's business...I shall have to pace myself extremely well, with a quick dip and a murderously strong coffee before heading home.

Off to the roof shortly to bid farewell to another long-serving employee. They are dropping like flies recently (or could that be rats jumping a sinking ship?)...and despite the recent turnaround in hi-tech jobs, their chairs are still empty.