Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"A slice of radioactive waste, sir?"

"Good evening Charles, I see today's special is the radioactive mullet...fresh today?"

"That's right sir, our fisherman Benny struck lucky today and managed to land a few biggies."

"Fantastic! I'm being a little presumptuous, but does it come with the cancerous crab legs?"

"Unfortunately not sir. However, I can assure you that the mullet was seen floating downstream on its back, valiantly gasping for breath as Benny plucked it from the water. I can assure you that only the most radioactive ridden fish make it to our kitchen."

"OK, that'll do fine. Oh, you can ignore the green sludge pouring out of my ear. That'll be yesterday's lobster."

Took the above pic a few days ago, as I made my way round HaYarkon park on my bike. I couldn't help wondering if this guy fishing actually took the fish home...