Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Still catching up

Pics and stories of Sinai on the way, just haven't stopped since getting back on Monday night.

Last night I rushed home from the corridor of hell to cook up some lesson plans and prepare some rice. Or was that the other way round...? Then headed out to Rosh Ha'ayin for my weekly sessions. Got plied with pizza. Tough being 'teach' sometimes...back late.

This morning it's back to the corridor yet again (isn't there always a price to pay for enjoying a few days off?). Got a pile of work to get through because of an impending release. At least I'm enjoying the likes of The Departures, Evil 9, Nine Black Alps and The Libertines filtering through my headphones (cheers to Expat/Cathy for the link to the BBC Radio site) via the legendary John Peel (blimey, I remember listening to him late-night in the late 80's) and some DJ called Lamacq (who has some cracking tunes, mostly small indie bands). Some, no need to mention names, might say I'll grow out of it and start listening to classical music, I know that just ain't gonna happen...