Friday, October 22, 2004

It's the thought that counts

Mrs. anglosaxy came up with a corking idea this morning: a DIY coffee session on the beach. So she made a flask of coffee, Turkey's finest, and then dragged me screaming and kicking out of bed. I slipped on my flip flops and off we went.

The sun was crisp, the heat not too overbearing (it was 9am) and the music fairly decent as we headed for our usual spot along Tel Aviv's strip of freebie beaches. That was until we hit the junction at Jabotinsky/HaYarkon. Shit! Look at that traffic jam. A bomb alert? A nasty accident? Quick, switch channels...Shit! The Love Parade! The whole strip of beach road was closed!

[rage] My frustration at the ineptitude of the traffic police kicked in, especially as I had an hour to kill while waiting to get to the next exit. Wouldn't it have been fairly easy to put a big sign at the earlier exits, so that some people might have avoided this section altogether? Once you went past Arlozorov, that was it matey, no turning back...[/rage]

Well, the coffee was great, though supping it under Kikar Atarim wasn't quite the start to the day we'd envisaged...