Sunday, October 31, 2004

Media review

Movie: Just finished watching Fahrenheit 9/11. OK, it was a WMV version of the movie and I watched it on my computer, but I think the message was clear, especially in the first half hour or so. I don't think I'd be voting for George W...

Music: Last week I randomly selected the Pretenders 'The Singles'. What a cracking disk! It's been on the 'turntable' ever since. Even got mrs. anglosaxy humming away.

Book: 'Want to play' by PJ Tracy. Not bad for a thriller, will keep you interested, especially when on long overnight train rides through the wilds of China. I was very annoyed when landing at Hong Kong because they lost my bag for a few hours. One of the thoughts running through my head while I sat bagless on the bus to Kowloon was that this book was in the bag and I hadn't completed the last chapter!