Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ah, stop, stop, you're killing me!

Ever get that moment when you can't stop laughing and the tears are streaming down your cheeks, even at something not really that funny? Well, corridor land just saw a bout of eye-dabbing as myself and O pondered over some API wording issues (zzzz...). She was telling me that she'd heard two kids insulting each other, when the closing shot grabbed her attention: "Go and be the DJ in an ice-cream van!".

Quite creative and all, but that wasn't what had us in stiches. We were already giggly when from beyond the wall (the corridor walls here are very thin, 'walls have ears' has never been more pertinent) came the new guy's response. Now, the new guy is alright, he gets the thumbs up, but he is a little, er, he started rambling on about some similar tale, while me and O were trying not to fall off our chairs, waiting impatiently for the... punchline... that... never... seemed... to... come. As we pretended to respond, the corridor wall seemed to get even thinner as our stifled laughs seemed to be getting louder. I was on my knees, while O's reddened face was starting to worry me! As the new guy paused, obviously for the punchline, there was no turning back, we just let it go. The new guy then also started guffawing as he probably thought we were laughing with him...stop! no more! pleeeease!

Yeh, yeh, I know, probably not that nice to laugh at somebody, but here in corridor land, it's laugh or cry...