Thursday, November 18, 2004

Roonster loses the plot

In contrast to Israel's first ever win over Cyprus (first ever win in Cyprus, more accurately), England, and in particular a certain Wayne Rooney, were pretty hopeless against Spain. By chance I caught some of the first half of Israel's game and, for once, Israel looked like they knew how to play. Later I managed to catch the England game on the TVE channel (always worth checking), but wished I hadn't. Rooney was an idiot, I just hope he learns from this...while England were useless and a bit over the top - and this was supposed to be a friendly. And there is certainly no room in the modern game for the monkey chants from the Spanish supporters, aimed at England's black players. How many brain cells do these idiots not have? As the Daily Telegraph put it: England would have deserved applause around the civilised world if they had picked up the ball and walked off the pitch. One day a team should give it a go.