Friday, April 21, 2006

Homo Sapiette - April '06

Time for a bit of Michal Zoharetz.

Channel 1's only slice of eye candy. Channel 1 is Israel's national TV channel that nobody watches. The only programme I've ever watched on this channel is the show Michal fronts early on a Friday evening. Oh, and The Simpsons. Somehow she radiates a cuteness and charm that could only suit Channel 1, if you know what I mean.

She is also the oldest of the Homo Sapiettes, even older than moi. But we won't let that get in the way of her being April Sapiette, will we? We were also surprised to hear her recently plugging a plastic surgeon on the radio, but after seeing the pic on the left below, we decided to forgive.

She originally started out as an actress in a couple of fairly successful Israeli movies, then moved into the theatre, loveys, before venturing in to modeling and Friday night TV hosting. She was also a candidate for a new late-night show about fishing, but her captain co-star decided that her smile was cuter than his (only just, as you can see from the pic below) and pulled the plug. No, neither do I have a clue what this picture is all about, made me smile though.