Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bitch: The Beach

Something that really pisses me off in this country is the lack of access to free beaches. Every time the season kicks in, I have to stick to my regular haunts, otherwise end up paying at various other beaches. And is it me, or are beaches almost everywhere now getting whacked with an entry charge?

A couple of weeks ago I was "up North, like" and came across a little gem. OK, you have to drive through an Arab town (Jisr-ez-Zarka?) to get there, but it's a cracker. Untouched by matkot (beach tennis), free of arseim (Israeli chavs), and, alas, also bereft of bikini clad ladies, it is nonetheless a sight for sore eyes. Just a few fishermen shacks, five or six boats and a few kids running around. This is what it should be all about, right?