Monday, May 22, 2006

Homo Sapiette - May '06

As the bikini season kicks in, there's only one possible Sapiette this month - the rather gorgeous Bar Rafaeli. (Who says I don't care about my readers? I've seen the stats, the searches for Bar that end up visiting anglosaxy...I dare you, do a search for Bar Raphaeli and see who comes out first in the search results!)

Rather gorgeous, or perhaps, even too gorgeous...? I don't think anyone can doubt she's a stunner. Perhaps not the brightest cookie in the tin either, but, who cares? She's been an actress, a model in various bikini campaigns, and is apparently lined up to do Victoria's Secret. She's also allegedly hooked up with Leonardo Di Caprio recently. And despite being around for years, is still only 21.

And, with just one more Homo Sapiette to go before we bring this eye candy section to an end (I'll have a full calendar of 12 luscious ladies), who will make it for the final month? Decisions, decisions...