Monday, June 19, 2006

Homo Sapiette - June '06

...and the sapiette that wraps up my collection is the gorgeous Romi Abulafia.

Ahh, Romi, remember the day a couple of summers back when you sat one meter in front of me on Jerusalem Beach in Tel Aviv? Did you really have to bend over so many times in that skimpy bikini? Disgusting behaviour. Luscious bum though, quite possibly the best I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, there is hardly a pic of Romi out there on the big wide Web. Believe me I looked (though did manage to dig out a clip - spot her Virgin Mary role in this little clip). From what I remember reading, she kind of "dropped out" of the celeb lifestyle a year or so ago after a long stint on the cult Shabbatot VerHagim series, countless ads etc (though wasn't that her I spotted in a recent TV show on Channel 10? The show with another Homo Sapiette, Miri?). All trace of her previous modelling days at Castro et al seems to have vanished with her.

Now 23, she seems to have been around for ever. To me, she looks like the sort of woman who'll only get more beautiful as she ages.

OK, you know what, one last Homo Sapiette to come. A shocker.