Friday, June 09, 2006

Phil O'Sophical

I'm having some in-depth philosophical chats with O as her Corridor Land days draw to a close (4 more to go). She's an intelligent lass our O, much more so than me, innit. A free spirit who deserves a bit of a holiday after the shit she's had here the last year or 2. I'm trying to push her to Thailand / Vietnam but she's keen on Oz and Kiwi land, probably a good move on her part.

Of course, the Corridor Land shit has intensified over pitzuim (layoff compensation), because they won't tell her if she's getting the pitzuim until her last day. In the meantime, of course, they have overloaded her with assignments to squeeze out every last drop. And, of course, she will only get the pitzuim if she has been "good". Whatever "good" means. Do they really think that this type of executive bollocks motivates the staff that are staying? Come on. Another 5 or 6 inmates have given notice lately, including 2 this week that were told to clear their desks immediately since they had the balls to start their own company. Good luck boys.

Concentrating on the school appears to be my saviour, as I'm thinking about little else while stuck in front of a screen perusing our amazingly thrilling user guides...Why don't I just "up and go" and fuck the pitzuim? Good bloody question, but for now I do pretty much what I like, have a car, fairly decent pay - which, what with my school's soon-to-be expansion, will be needed in the coming weeks.

So, though O's departure may yet still trigger an escape route, the chicken-shit side of anglosaxy is rearing its head. For now. Though I'm really not sure how I'm going to handle life in C Land without her...and her free spirit has got me thinking again...