Thursday, June 01, 2006

To free or not to free

The big story currently on the minds of most sports fans in Israel is the cable companies decision to charge for the upcoming World Cup games. Originally demanding 492 shekels (approx. $110), the deal was reduced a couple of days ago to 309 shekels. Counting on 150,000 subscribers signing up, they only managed 1,700. I don't see that number rising dramatically. Yes, I've signed the various online petitions and am generally disgusted, but is the public's refusal to sign up going to bring this price down any further? Us footie fans hold our collective breath.

Apparently, if you bank with a certain bank, you can get the package for 100-odd shekels. Feckin' bankers. As for the cable companies suing pubs and restaurants that broadcast the games, what the fuck is that all about? Bloody cheeky if you ask me, but I was wondering...what countries are charging? In England, for example, are all the games free on the Beeb/ITV?

The first England game coming on a Saturday afternoon is kinda handy. Might have to be down the pub for that one and splash out on 492 309 shekels worth of beer...just for the hell of fact, watching the best of the World Cup down the pub sounds like my kind of subscription...