Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feeding the 5000

My company car, like so many in Israel, is leased. It comes with a 3 year contract that states that if I return the car within the 3 year period, I pay a fine of 2500 shekels ($560) per year not completed. Meaning, for example, if I return the car anytime in the second year, I pay 5000 shekels. If I'm fired, Corridor Land pays the fine.

O recently returned her car after quitting *sob*, and paid the 5000 fine. Two days later, another worker has her car. Wouldn't want to accuse anyone of being a tight-fisted tosser, but I find this mighty fishy...surely Corridor Land isn't pocketing the 5000 and making out like they return cars to the leasing company, but instead end up holding on to them for a few days before passing them on to new workers? This is not the only example, unfortunately, so it ain't a one-off...