Monday, August 07, 2006

Give me a break...

...from my computer. Pleeeease! It's as slow and stubborn as a Depeche Mode "technical" roadie.
OK then, take a week off, I'll even format your C drive and add some RAM.
OK, cheers!

One week later...
Hang on, I can't send emails! What happened to Outlook Express?
Ah, I upgraded it.
Cool. Hey, but "a library file required by Outlook Express is missing"!
Just download IE6 and it'll install Outlook Express again.
Nice one guv'nor. ^ download ^ But the problem file is still missing!
No problem, just download IE7, the new beta version.
Sweet. Hang on, I can't *ahem* validate my copy of Windows.
You're fucked.
Am I?