Monday, September 11, 2006

If you don't laugh...

Thought I'd give you a taste of my Sunday morning:

6.00: waaaaaggghhhh! bottle for junior, back to bed.
6.15: waaaaaggghhhh! play time with junior as I stagger blindly round the house.
6.30: drop the only key to the back door down the back of the air-con (don't ask), is irretrievable.
8.00: call the nanny, but she can't come in on her day off, bollocks.
8.05: nappy leak means brown smudges all over the floor, bollocks.
9.00: attempt to call bank, password not accepted, bollocks.
9.15: finally get through to bank, am told to change password before they can discuss my details.
9.20: try to change password, junior bawling in ear thwarts first attempt.
9.25: second attempt fails, my ID no. is now refused.
9.30: third attempt makes it to tech support, junior decides to bawl.
9.40: bank calls me, but I can't take the call, junior is testing the ol' eardrums.
9.45: teacher from down south calls, bawling, her nanny has died.*
10.00: start calling students to cancel lessons.
10.30: potential new student calls, junior bawls, I can't even hear her, she promises to call again, she doesn't.
11.00: junior sleeps, but for a measly 30 minutes.
11.35: sleep deprived junior slips and cuts his lip, blood and tears everywhere.
11.45: fruit brunch is thrown all over my leg.
12.00: pissy mother from down south is upset with me for cancelling her cherub's lesson.
12.20: junior has some serious shitting issues today, another nappy gingerly thrown into the garbage.
12.30: can't connect to the internet, looks like my ISP has smelt junior's packages of joy and is out for the count.

The fun continued long into the afternoon, including a packed full of noisy kids class in the smallsville mall. Can't knock the interest though, the kids seem very keen...

Ever had one of those mornings when your head was going to explode? This was the one...

* I'm not sure if I'm being a totally insensitive mo'fucker, but WTF? Her nanny? She's only been in the country a few weeks, how can she be that attached to her nanny? And her kids are 8 years old plus...not quite sure what the hell is wrong here but it ain't good for my business, I'm looking for a reserve teacher as we speak...