Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kofiko City

I've been in this country for some time, as you know, and have come across some kofikos * (for the sake of argument, let's call them "chavs") in my time. Not that I haven't been a bit of a cheeky monkey myself on more than a few occasions! But a couple of nights ago, kofiko city! Me and the missus went out for some ziva (Yemenite morsel, if you've never tried it, do!) and Heineken in Kfar Saba. We found a nice little cafe/restaurant, complete with a quiet comfy sofa corner. Quiet it didn't stay for long, as it soon started overflowing with some pesky teenage feckers. Feckers with the way way way overspiked hair and sleeveless t-shirts, you know the ones...

Anyway, to grab the waitress's attention, who up until that point had been a sweetie, they decided to bang their menus on the table and chant "Miri ya zonna, Miri ya zonna!" (Miri, you whore!), which then became "Miri ya sharmoota, Miri ya sharmoota!". WTF?? At first I found it mildly amusing, but after a few repeats, I just gave them a steely glare, being their mightily superior elder and all. Can't help feeling that I should have said something...In the end, I was just glad to get the fuck out of there, but couldn't help feeling for the waitress. If she'd pulled her Uzi out (she looked army age) and shot them to pieces I would have been delighted to be a witness on her behalf.

Mrs anglosaxy, who had been powdering her nose and missed all the action, didn't believe it when I told her when walking back to the car...but then again, she's living in a time warp where Tzvika Pik was a fresh-faced thirty something and Zehu Zeh ruled prime time TV. And this sort of thing never happens in her rose-tinted Israel...

The yoof of today, eh? Not an ounce of fuckin' respect, the fuckin' feckers.

* In Hebrew, kof = monkey, while kofiko could be best translated as "cheeky monkey" and is actually the name of a famous kids TV character.