Monday, December 11, 2006

50 big ones

Tonight it's the draw for the 50 million shekel lottery (bastards have a Russian site but no English). Fantasies abound, I have to admit. It might not sound quite as much in Blighty pounds (around 6 million), but hey, give me 6 quid and I'll be laughing.

I even signed up for a lottery subscription recently, around 60 sheks a month, but haven't seen a shekel. After speaking to someone last night who has had a subscription for 30 years and never had a result, I'm quite tempted to dump it. But it's all luck, right? Either you've got it or you ain't.

Anyway, first thing I'd do with 50 million - I'd rent out the most expensive, luxurious hotel room in Tel Aviv, pamper myself and the anglosaxy tribe with endless trays of exquisite foods and beverages and then get a financial advisor to come in and plot with me how to throw it all away!

What's the first thing you'd do with 50 mill?