Monday, January 01, 2007

Blighty, part i

I'll be honest, the first day or two in Blighty, I felt like a complete stranger, it no longer felt like "my country". All those funny accents, those strange coins, all that tinsel...but after that initial shock it all came good...there's just something about driving on the road to Brighton, with the rain beating down and "This is England" from the Clash blasting out on the stereo to knock some sense into you!

It was a great trip, junior was a little star, though he wore the crap out of least he's got a few more words under his belt, all the important ones like cake, Santa, and Nanny. He also got to meet his cousins for the first time, which was nice, lots of flashing cameras of course...and I got lots of nice compliments, especially from cute Duty Free saleswomen, on how brave I was to be travelling alone with right they were...

The weather wasn't too bad, just typically grey. I think the sun shone for about 2 hours in my 8 days there. Bleedin' cold and foggy the first couple of days. But, I can tell you that our house in smallsville is far far colder than any house in Blighty, I froze my brass monkeys off last night! They just have no idea of the "cosy" central heating concept over here.

Christmas. There just ain't nothing like it. You can keep your Rosh HaShannas and your Hanukkahs and your Pessachs, I'd be more than happy to have just the annual Christmas-fest as my holiday. OK, it's all gone commercial and the TV is crap (that was the crappiest Christmas Day schedule ever?), but all you Blighters that knock it, you have no idea just what you've got...I shall be coming back for more!

More pics to come.