Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Israeli to the core

I could mention all the great things about Israel - the weather, the beaches, the beautiful women, the food - but whatever I'd mention, today's headlines would just undo all my good intentions.

OK, innocent until proven guilty, and the media are crucifying the poor bastard, but, to me, this just sums up Israel and its "establishment" rather nicely. Every week there's politicians involved in corruption scandals, sexual harrassment cases, some more illegal banking deals...while clinging desperately to their seats of power. Why can't the fuckers just hold their hands up and resign with honour? Why does it seem like they always need to be pushed...?

And why do Israeli politicians always seem to be getting involved in sexual harrassment cases? I'm sorry, but this is also very Israeli*...they know they can't have but they still feel like they should touch...Why can't they get themselves a proper decent bit on the side, who'll have their illegimate offspring and then reveal all to the News of the World 10 years down the line? This is the way it works in Blighty and I like it...

Jeezzz, that's enough politics for 2007...more pics coming up!

* During my touristy years, I lost count of the number of tourist girls who told me they'd been harrassed on beaches, touched up in bars etc. I even got into a fight with an Israeli (which turned into a full 20 people riot) who was upset with a girl friend of mine for not inviting him back for some rumpy pumpy, after he'd spent 50 shekels on drinks...