Monday, February 26, 2007

It's always nice to get feedback...

I haven't advertised for a teacher for some 2-3 months, so, I was kinda surprised to get this email yesterday (completely unedited by myself - if you'd like to get in touch with Jesimiel I even have her postal address which she very kindly included):

You know, I was searching through the postings on this website for English Teachers in Israel, and I was suddenly hit on my uala with the ignorance of most of such requests for English Teachers. What in the world makes you think that for an English Teacher to be a good English Teacher he or she must be a Native Speaker of English. I mean, you may as well ask Dunkeys to teach you what you must know about Horses. And most sad of all, I must admit, is the fact that such an ignorance sprouts from the very educational institutions which are attempting to properly form or prepare for life their future generations. I hope that such rising generations as not as ignorant as you are. Such kind of ignorant people are the kind of people that regardless of where in the world they would had been born, would have been the same kind of ignorant people. For example: Nazzi murderers in Germany, ironically religious murderers in Israel, savage and irrational murderders from United States of America, communist murderders in Cuba, China, Russia or North Korea, and so on and so forth. For ignorance, my friends, doesn't have a country.