Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lovely Jubbly

Ooooh...bit difficult getting up this morning (and why do my legs hurt so much?)...not sure if it's the Jameson, the Black Bush or the Kilkenny to blame...or maybe the after-effects of another sappy England performance. Uninspiring, I think that's the word.

What was great to see was the thousands of English supporters over here. OK, they (we) drunk their asses off, and Mike's Place / Buzz Stop made a bleedin' fortune, but there was something of a party atmosphere here for 2-3 days, something which I've never seen before in this country. And the TV build up to the game was something never done before, they even had a clock countdown in the top corner of the screen hours before the game was scheduled to start. I was also impressed with the number of St. Georges flags put up everywhere by the Tel Aviv municipality, great effort. And I won't tell you how many times I heard "Why is the England flag a red cross on a white background? We thought it was this..."

The Inglunders seemed to enjoy themselves (the fat guy - from my home town - became a mini celeb, he was everywhere!), what with the beer, the beach and the local ladies. Just wondering if any of them end up staying a certain anglosaxy did, many moons ago...