Monday, April 16, 2007

This or that? Or a bit of both?

OK, so with Corridor Land fast coming to an end (hopefully - well, my impression of an Italian employee at his peak is cult viewing - and think about it, do you think I have the time at home to do all this blogging?), I've been checking out my options. Because it's not like I can sit on my arse and not work, what with the two little nippers eating us out of house and home.

The option of staying in Tech Writing excites me as much as watching England play, possibly even less...but, you have to admit, there aren't many places where I'm going to pick up the same salary and perks (the car being the biggie). And finding a writing job that is vaguely interesting, for a vaguely interesting company, will probably be nigh on impossible.

I actually went for an interview a few days ago. It was a great boost for the ol' ego, as the two interviewers knew me (well, only one I had previously met) and were keen to grab my services. I actually felt very relaxed about the interview, didn't feel like I had to "impress" anybody. And I'd feel almost no corporate bollox as I'd be working there freelance. For a second, maybe even a few seconds, I almost saw myself there, churning out user guides aplenty...freelance raises an important issue, however - tax. Without going into details, going freelance would change the tax status of my schools, and I'm not 100% sure this is the way to go...though if the freelancing pulled in a fair few shekels, I could go for it.

Relying on the schools (well, really now just the one in smallsville) for a decent income is also not an option - they make a small profit, but I still can't live off of them. I even swang the big business carrot in front of mrs. anglosaxy, but she didn't bite. Basically, I suggested that I take 3-6 months to really give the school in smallsville a go, full-time. The missus almost took the bait, but in the end her Jewish Momma survival instincts took over - why is it that the she sees things like this as a step back, and I see it as a realignment? No, not even a realignment, an opportunity. I also saw the chance to see my kids more, because the option of going with the school full-time means there'll be a free few hours here and there. And something that I've learned over the last couple of weeks, what with the Pessach holiday and all, I've fallen in love with my kids in a big way and love spending time with them.

Right now though, it looks like it'll be a bit of juggling the two once more - a new Corridor Land and the school in smallsville...but if I'm completely honest, I feel that leaving the old and stinky Corridor Land will open doors for me elsewhere. I really feel that changes are afoot, including changes that I'm not even aware of yet. Which is fine by me. Ch-ch-ch-changes.