Sunday, May 06, 2007


Went to see Nurit, the astrologist who has a regular spot on the Odetta show on Channel 10. Nurit also happens to be the mum of Kinky, a good mate of mine. Not sure I believe in all the "aligning of the stars" stuff, but she did pick up on a lot of things...mrs anglosaxy was freaked out by some of the stuff she mentioned, considering that she was bang on the nail with things only me and the missus had discussed, including time abroad in the future. But things are looking rosy, very rosy in fact.

But it was bloody strange to hear her talking about our kids' futures and their personalities...juniorette has yet to utter her first word and she's already a globetrotting hippie, a very friendly one at that. Junior is apparently a mummy's boy, though once I get him truly converted to a Gooner, that will cease. Maybe. He's also very intelligent, because in "soul terms" he's over 200 years old. So, obviously, he's picked up a few things along the way, like you do. So we've been told to give him lots of respect, as befit an elderly chap. Yeh, riiiighhhht!