Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Method

A word I keep hearing from parents lately - shi-ta (method). The golden buzzword. I'm not sure half of them know what they're looking for, they just want to be convinced that they're snotty nosed urchins will be fed some kind of program/method.
"What's your shi-ta?"
"Do you have a proven shi-ta?"

Well, you know what, my shi-ta isn't exactly patented, but it seems to work OK. I get a lot of referrals, and the kids are happy. The adult students maybe even more so. I've tried to find the middle-ground and think that largely I've succeeded.

What I have learnt however, is that you can't keep everyone happy, whatever you do. Somebody is always going to be unhappy with your efforts. Fuck 'em. They can go to Wall Street, Berlitz and find a more known shi-ta. Not that their shi-tas work any better than mine, but p'raps they know how to market theirs (and have the budget to) a whole lot better. The little shittas.