Thursday, May 24, 2007

Things I've learnt in Israel...

Some things I've picked up along the way...and to which I humbly admit to the superiority of the Israeli brain...

  • All English speaking tourists are rich. And most are Jewish.
  • Don't touch foreign pills and medicines.
  • Jews are the most intelligent people in the world - just look at the number of Jewish Noble prize winners.
  • The Irish are great, especially their Guinness.
  • All Europeans are anti-semites. Apart from the Irish.
  • Swedish women are the sexiest women in the world.
  • Pursing your lips and sucking in is a winner with the local women.
  • The Eurovision Song Contest is totally anti-Israel. Apart from the Irish.
  • If somebody is dying in the middle of the road, drive round them.
  • Car indicators really are a pointless invention.