Monday, June 04, 2007


Oh dear. The guy with the victory-sign party trick actually turned down Corridor Land at the last minute. Apparently his victory sign did wonders at other interviews and he was hot property. I'm actually quite pleased because the idea of sitting with this guy for a month gave me the absolute willies.

So, my boss is distraught. She now has to go through the whole interview process again. Poor lass. Must be hell being her, really. From one of the richest families in this country, married to the CEO, comes and goes as she pleases...please, please, put your hankies away...

Anyway, I still need a final date, this is becoming way too long and sticky. My motivation is probably in the lowest state it's ever been in at this place, and that's saying something! And all those bugs I planned to leave for the new guy are gonna come back and bite me on the arse very soon if I don't get out of here sharpish!