Monday, June 18, 2007


A new writer signed a contract with Corridor Land this morning. Bless 'im. Thought I might have given him the willies yesterday after a barrage of questions fired my way...but he seems happy enough. I basically lied my arse off: "The people are fantastic", "There is a great environment here..." "The bosses really appreciate good work" etc etc. Felt my stomach churn as I uttered some of those...

So, the countdown begins...a week of "handing over" begins next week and then I should finally be free! Ah, I've also lined up a personal meeting with the CEO because I'm fed up with hearing from my boss (yes, she's married to the CEO) that she has no idea if I'll get pitzuim. If the big boss says No, then No Handover Period from moi. An immediate walkout seems like a good option.