Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ignore Me, I'm Busy Thinking

Something that STILL pisses me off something rotten is the failure to reciprocate my salutations (Ha! Feeling very lingual today!). I mean, it's common basics, right, it's just life - when someone passes you in the corridor and says "Hello", you respond back. No?

I know Corridor Land isn't alone, so it must be an Israeli thing. Which kind of surprises me, since Israelis are hardly the shrinking violet type. Israelis can stop you at a junction to ask you if you're selling your car, or shout in chorus in meetings, or just drive you fucking mad with their why can't they just say "Hello" when you greet them in the corridor...?

Perhaps they're too busy thinking about life, or about how to make their boss appreciate them more, or about the latest version of Vista...but whatever it is, can't you just get your head out of your own arse for a second and say "Hello"?!

* This was written a few days ago. And before I discovered that this also applies to some anglos who have been here a the writer replacing me...