Friday, August 24, 2007

Crest of a wave

Lately I've been having a very good feeling about the school and its potential. Might have been down to the fact that I've been selling myself and my dream to interviewee teachers over the last few weeks, or it might just be down to the steady flow of students over the summer (I didn't think I'd be teaching over the summer, but amazingly it's worked out pretty much the same hours as pre-summer). Whatever the reason, I've decided to go upscale.

What does "upscale" mean? Well, for starters, today saw the first of 6 full page ads in the local smallsville rag. Very profesh ads they are too [ we're not worthy stance directed towards my graphics designer, the missus ], the local rag's editor was well impressed. Gonna cost an arm and a leg, but I think it'll be worth it. I realise that the whole town needs to know who I am, otherwise it's going to be a much slower process. I don't think I have the patience to see the business grow by 5-6 students a year. What with the almost dead-cert likelihood of taking on a teach or 2, it needs to expand, and not next year...So, the ads are done, the teachers interviewed, the flyers printed and currently being distributed by a couple of keen students of mine...all is looking good, all is feeling good.

Something I've realised over the last few weeks - I really enjoy running the show, making the decisions, thinking of new marketing strategies etc etc. The teaching aspect interests me less now, though obviously some students are a whole lot more fun than others which can make it a joy. I wasn't born to work in an office, that much I know...though I will be returning to technical writing real soon, for the extra dosh unfortunately (more on that real soon)...hopefully not for too long...

I'm not expecting a "gold rush", but if I don't have 50-60 students by the end of 2007 I will be dead disappointed. Disappointed enough to consider my options. I'm currently in the 30-40 area, though over the summer most of the kids haven't been in. September/October is the time when things will kick into gear...

It almost feels like I'm sat on my board, just about to catch a killer wave, not sure whether it's going to carry me along and take me safely back to shore or just wipe me out...whatever happens, I think the next few weeks/months will be one hell of a fuckin' ride!