Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sizzle sizzle

Ooooh, mind where you put yer hands - I'm sizzling, baby...sizzling!

After the last few weeks bumming it, and after the bank called to point out that the old overdraft was creaking under the strain, I decided (via a push and a prod from the missus) to look for a way back into technical writing. Minimum hours, of course, so the English school can still blossom.

So there I was, in a conference room in a standard modern office block, in smallsville of all places. My first job interview, and not really anticipating a result. But after greeting the Tech Writer I'll be working with, and my future boss, I had a good feeling, almost tingly. And was it me, or did they seem desperate to snap me up? WTF - who gets an offer at the end of an hour long interview these days? They're a young crowd, very small local branch of a US company, opportunities to go to China and other countries to visit the R&D departments located there, more money than the old Corridor Land...what the fuck more can I ask for? OK, so they're giving me less vacation days but...I signed the contract, starting in a few days.

Not entirely sure this'll help the school, but I'll be free in the afternoons/evenings, so should be OK. If it doesn't work out, I can just quit, right? No more pissing about over layoff payoffs etc etc

Viva La New Corridor Land!