Monday, September 10, 2007

Wish you were here...?

With what looks like a failed strike on Syria, and people "who know" (I know someone who knows something...) hinting that something is about to kick off, it's all good round here, innit. I say nuke each other to bits and then we won't have to go through all those nervy sirens again. A bright flash and then Good Night!

And with neo-Nazis (neo-feckin'-Nazis?!?) running around splashing their swastikas on all and sundry (but mainly on the sundry), and a dispirited Israeli football team (oooh, this must be hard to read if you're an Israeli fan, hee hee) having to sit out a month before having a chance to redeem themselves...well, it's all a bundle of laughs, as you can tell.

At least on Wednesday night it's the Jewish New Year, shindig at the mum-in-laws place as usual. Complete with 60 guests and 20 odd kids screaming and shouting all night...oooh luverly...might just be saved by the England game, if it's on anywhere...?