Friday, November 23, 2007

A quick Thank You

Just like to give a quick "Thank You!" to all the people who sent me comforting emails, text messages, etc in regard to England's glorious European Championship failure...especially warming was Kinky's LOSERS email, accentuating his warmth in big, red 72 point font lettering. Also rather heartwarming was GBH's L text message. Yep, that's what he sent, the letter L. I won't mention the ribbing I got throughout the day, particularly at last night's family Bar Mitzva, where everyone and his dog took the piss. Especially touching was the moment I had to go to the stage with the missus to present the birthday boy (man?) with his present and on my way up somebody called out "Start supporting a decent country...".

Bastards the lot of you. Now, let me continue to sulk, please.