Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kor blimey

Kor blimey guv, it's nippy out there innit. There you were, thinking I must be living it up on the beach, topping up my tan, downing a cold one as the sun melts me ice lolly. How wrong you are my little cupcakes, how very wrong. It must be getting towards the low teens (13 or 14 C) out there and with the cold/flu that's refusing to let go of my very untanned body, it feels a lot colder. That breeze is sure rattling my bones and no, I'm not laughing at those scarf-laden Israelis anymore...Not sure, but didn't the news say yesterday that in some parts of the country the chill factor brought temperatures below zero? What the feck? At this rate I'll have to pack up my flip-flops...

* Kor = cold in Hebrew