Tuesday, January 29, 2008

O goodness me

4 beers and 2 chasers later...and the head cold I had has been obliterated. Possibly only temporarily but we ain't being picky round these parts. Drinking was accompanied by the ever blossoming O (I don't mean she's getting fat or something, she just seems to be blossoming...), who just quit her job and was looking for a reason to celebrate. So celebrate we did. G was supposed to come and celebrate too, but he's too much of an executive to mix it with the serfs. He he.

She's doing alright, is our O. She also talks a lot of sense, mainly because she isn't totally Israeli and sits on my side of the fence. She also has a lot of good ideas and suggestions and gives me that extra push where I need it (Oooh, that's right love, just there on me lower back...). And frankly Mr. Shankly, I need a bit of a shove right now. I feel a bit bogged down with all kinds of school/work shit and she has this ability to see through the mud...

So a beer session with O is always welcome. Let's face it, beer is always welcome, with O it's just an added bonus. Gotta love the O.