Sunday, March 02, 2008

Calls 4 free

OK, so you saw that Open Spacey isn't exactly open and spacey, rather more rabbit warren-like. But it still means I can hear every single phone conversation that goes on in the next few cells...including the constant calls to home, the calls abroad, and even the 3 hour calls to granny. Yes indeedy, a 3 hour session with a granny, who was quite upset that her grandson had thrown something in the bin. Despite 3 hours (I'm not kidding) reassuring her that he hadn't meant to throw it away, me, and the rest of the office, weren't convinced.

I guess this is another big difference between me and Israelis. I would be just plain feckin' embarrassed to make those types of calls, it just doesn't even enter into my mind that I could/should. I waste company time in other ways, believe me, but this way just seems so public, so full frontal...