Thursday, March 20, 2008

Supersized Ego

Here at Open Spacey I've stumbled into a situation that I've not come across before. Here I am, with all my years of experience, suddenly the junior writer, the tea boy. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't exactly looking to get into management or a senior position when I took this job, but I did realise pretty early on that I should play the rosh katan (the "don't look out of the box")employee, otherwise I'd have some serious ego clashes with my maestro.

Basically everything's OK, but I think that's because I just let things pass me by...I could go on about some of the crazy styling issues implemented here, or the new 400 page guide I'm creating that should have been written by someone else, or the 6 month wait for promised software...but I think I'll just tell you about the requirement for me to say "Mornin'!" and "Evening!" to my maestro whenever I arrive/leave, just so he knows when I come/go, just so he can ensure my hours are met...never mind that the maestro never says "Evening!" to me when he goes and often sneaks out earlier than me...coz, well, I let it pass me by, innit...

Management bollox.